Fashion Revolution Week is an annual and collective global campaign, which seeks to raise awareness of social and environmental issues in the fashion industry, and anyone can participate!

The Fashion Revolution Forum is a platform created to foster research, debate and dissemination of content on sustainable challenges and solutions within the fashion system. The chosen works are made available in the downloadable e-book format. In addition, some essays are presented at an in-person event.

As an extension of the Fashion Revolution Forum, this initiative aims to broaden the debate and critical, decolonial and diverse thinking, deepening the production of Brazilian knowledge in fashion and sustainability.

The FTIB is an analysis of major brands and retailers operating in the Brazilian market, classified according to the amount of publicly available information on their policies, practices and social and environmental impacts, in their own operations and in their supply chains.

Fashion Revolution in Cidade Tiradentes is a project that expands the reach of fashion, taking this cultural manifestation to spaces that are not traditionally occupied by it, such as the outskirts, and reaching young people, black and indigenous women, PCDs, LGBTQIAP+, refugees and immigrants to the position of creator(s).

Launched in 2021 in partnership with Editora Reviver, the book 'Fashion Revolution: Journeys for sustainability' has essays written by 16 women references in the area and was organised by Fernanda Simon and Eloisa Artuso. It is an invitation to reflection and to action for a fair and ethical fashion, which places people's dignity and nature above profit, from different perspectives. In addition to celebrating Fashion Revolution Brazil's 7 years of existence, the book also stands out for being the first printed work carried out by the organisation.

The Fashion Experience is an urban intervention that offered an immersive experience to visitors, encouraging consumer engagement in understanding the clothing production process. This initiative took place twice in the city of São Paulo.

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