An analysis of the level of transparency of 60 major brands and retailers in Brazil.

About Fashion Transparency Index Brazil

The Fashion Transparency Index Brazil is an analysis of major brands and retailers operating in the Brazilian market, classified according to the amount of publicly available information on their policies, practices and social and environmental impacts, in their own operations and in their supply chains. 

“Que a moda seja transparente e responsável. Que abrace a clareza e não se esconda atrás da complexidade, nem dependa de segredos comerciais para se manter ativa. Que qualquer pessoa, em qualquer lugar do mundo, possa descobrir como, onde, por quem e em quais condições suas roupas foram feitas.”

nº 8, Manifesto Fashion Revolution

”O Índice de Transparência da Moda não fornece informações sobre onde comprar. O que ele faz é ajudar você a responsabilizar marcas e varejistas pelo que elas dizem. Use esses dados para impulsionar seu ativismo e não seu cartão de crédito.”

Carry Somers, co-fundadora do Fashion Revolution

Why does transparency matter?

The fashion industry is responsible for several human rights abuses and environmental degradation. Its supply chain is highly globalised, complex, obscure, and lacks regulations. This lack of visibility allows the emergence of exploitative, precarious and unsafe working conditions and environmental damage, while masking the responsibility of those who have the true power to correct these problems. 

The Index is a tool to pressure and encourage the largest fashion brands to be transparent about their social and environmental impacts. Shining a light on the places and conditions in which our clothes are made allows for faster and more collaborative ways to solve these problems. When brands disclose information publicly, it allows anyone to review their disclosures, hold them accountable, and advocate for positive change.

Without transparency, we cannot protect vulnerable people and nature. 

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